I Would Like To Sign Up A Team:

We welcome teams from any business, organization, church or club to sign up as volunteers at the soup kitchen. Even if you only have a few members, we can fill in the extra spots with other individuals who have signed up.

The ideal team consists of at least 4 volunteers. We have room to sign up full teams at this time; so, if you have a team that would like to join our volunteer groups please let us know. We are looking for teams of three/four people to regularly fill in some of the spaces on our calendar, usually the 4th Wednesday and 3rd and 4th Fridays, any 5th Monday, Wednesday or Friday of the month. Please Contact Wanda Laurin for further info at wlaurin@telusplanet.net

On each team there must be someone to pick up the food at the designated restaurant, someone opening up the kitchen and doing prep, people to serve food, wait on tables during the "noon hour", and at least a couple of volunteers to stay to clean up. We have a check list to guide your team.

We have a link to a printable schedule below to help the team leader organize the volunteers on your team.

Step One - Sign Up Your Team

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Our Team Can Volunteer:

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Your request will be e-mailed to one of our co-ordinators when you click "Submit". Someone may contact you to clarify details prior to posting your team on the schedule. - Thank you.

Step Two - Organize Your Team

We have developed a printable schedule to help the team leader organize the volunteers on your team.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact our volunteer co-ordinator or send an e-mail from this site.

Wanda Laurin: wlaurin@telusplanet.net